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Coordination of translation:  Fatima ELKHALLOUFI
Université Mohammed V Souissi, Faculté des Sciences de l'éducation, Rabat Maroc





 Un Quadro di Riferimento per gli Approcci Plurali alle Lingue e alle Culture - Competenze e risorse (Italian version of FREPA – Competences and resources) - Direct access - Access through the website of the Journal Italiano LinguaDue


 List of resources

Introduction to CARAP (Workshops) / CARAPの概論(ワークショップ、(2012)

Pluralistic approaches and European language policies / 多元的アプローチと欧州言語政策 ( 2012)

  • 欧州評議会から外国語教室にいたるまで…『言語・文化への多元的アプローチ』への長い道のり (1) - (2)

Awakening to languages (University of Keio)  / 言語への目覚め活動 (慶応大学) (2012)





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FREPA in other countries

To facilitate the dissemination of pluralistic approaches and of FREPA, specific country pages, in the language(s) of the country, have been developed with the support of many national educational authorities. Each page offers a presentation of these pluralistic approaches and of FREPA, as well as an analysis of the relevance of pluralistic approaches for each context, contacts, announcements or reports of events, and also the links to publications.