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This database aims to facilitate teachers access to educational materials relevant to pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. This way they will be able to help learners appropriate their knowledge, attitudes, and skills as described in the lists of descriptors. The materials, available to download, can be selected according to various criteria: objectives (as expressed by the FREPA descriptors), levels of training, thematic areas, the type of pluralistic approach, and the language of instruction.
Addictively tasty

Short description
In this activity, the students learn about similarities and differences between languages, by focusing on chocolate and desserts.

Level of instruction
Primary 2, Secondary 1

Target groups


English, Danish, Estonian, Finnish, Icelandic, Latvian, Norwegian, Swedish, Lithuanian


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  CARAP Descriptors

A 2.1
A 2.3
A 7.1
K 4.2.3
K 5.3
K 5.7
K 6.5.1
S 2.2.2
S 2.3.1

In this activity, the students learn about similarities and differences between languages, by focusing on chocolate and desserts.

The activity is designed for students with light mental disability (12-16) but can also be used in mainstream education (10-14).

The activity is divided into seven parts.

1. The students learn about the word “chocolate” in different languages.

2. To six of the languages, the participants now try to find the matching countries on a map.

3. The student have to look for words in a frame. The hidden words are the same as in 1.

4. The students read a multilingual text about the origin of chocolat.

5. The class is divided into groups and plays a quartet game. The challenge is to pronounce the desserts written on the cards in different languages (French, Czech, Spanish, Dutch, Hungarian, Arabic, Swedish, Turkish, Italian, Romanian and Portuguese).

6. The students are asked to write down words related to this lesson in English, their L1 and any other language they might know. They compare the different writing systems.

7. Using a computer, the students create a word cloud with all the words they associate with chocolate.

Duration: 3x60

Card compiled by: Lavinia Knop, Elisa Tonello, Petra Daryai-Hansen

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  Addictively tasty (English)

  Chokolade og velsmag (Danish)

  Sõltuvustekitavalt maitsev (Estonian)

  Koukuttavan maistuvaa (Finnish)


  ”Ārprātīgi” garšīgs (Latvian)

  Velsmakende og deilig (Norwegian)

  Chokolad och smak (Swedish)

  Nuodėmingai skanu (Lithuanian)


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