A framework of reference for pluralistic approaches


FREPA and educational language policies module

This module is meant for teachers, teacher trainers and educational decision makers, for whom it seems to be of particular relevance. The module allows language professionals to situate FREPA in today’s context of language teaching/learning at school, especially as far as educational goals are concerned.

Pedagogical challenges module

I am having difficulty in my teaching … How can FREPA be of use to me?

This module is meant for teachers and teacher trainers : it supports them in organising a concrete use of the FREPA training kit, as well as the pluralistic approaches, catering for certain difficulties concerning teaching and general pedagogical issues which teaching staff are likely to encounter in their everyday practice. 

 [As long as this module is not on line, you can find a detailed description of its contents in De Pietro, J.-F. & Facciol, R. (2012). Quelle formation au « Cadre de référence pour les approches plurielles des langues et des cultures », CARAP ? In : C. Balsiger, D. Bétrix Köhler, J.-F de Pietro & Ch. Perregaux [Dirs], Eveil aux langues et approches plurielles – De la formation des enseignants aux pratiques de classe. Paris : L’Harmattan, pp. 227-238.]

The Discovery module should be enough to ensure an effective use of the FREPA tools. The other modules take the user to further depth, and can be used as a supplement, according to his/her circumstances and needs.

Modules 1 and 3 cannot be undertaken unless the user has already worked through the Discovery module. On the other hand, Module 2 can be tackled without having previously done the Discovery module.  It is in fact quite possible to take up the Discovery module after Module  has already been started, and to come back to this module afterwards.

Discovery module

The aim of this module is to allow the participants to carry out an activity as learners themselves, and to discover pluralistic approaches as we their link to the notion of plurilingual and pluricultural competence as presented in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, as well as the tools (which can be found on the same site) proposed by FREPA.

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Discovery module

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Classroom projects module

This module is meant principally for teachers and teacher trainers and aims to support them in making use of the framework and pluralistic approaches in the design and implementation of class or school projects which involve other languages and other cultures.