A framework of reference for pluralistic approaches

A complement to other instruments of the Council of Europe

Created as a tool which aims to establish links between languages and language varieties that a learner knows or is learning, the CARAP/FREPA is entirely in line with the overall vision of the languages in education and languages for education which the Council of Europe seeks to promote:


A platform of resources and references for plurilingual and intercultural education of the Council of Europe

Given its original contribution, the Framework of Reference for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures is a complement to other instruments such as the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages, the European Language Portfolio, the Guide for the development of language education policies in Europe (Council of Europe, 2007) and the Guide for the development and implementation of curricula for plurilingual and intercultural education (Council of Europe, 2010).
More details in the following article (available in French):

Candelier, M. (2012). « Le CECR, le Cadre de référence pour les approches plurielles (CARAP), et quelques autres repères sur la diffusion du message plurilingue », Programme des 3èmes Assises européennes du plurilinguisme. Site de l’Observatoire européen du plurilinguisme.

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