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About the framework of reference

This set of publications opens ways for implementing pluralistic approaches in classrooms in order to develop the plurilingual and intercultural competences of learners of all subjects.

Who is it for?

  • Teachers of all subjects with an interest in plurilingual and intercultural education
  • Teacher trainers
  • Decision-makers, curriculum/programme designers, textbook writers

What is its added value?

  • The publication presents a comprehensive list of descriptors (Knowledge, Skills and Attitudes) considered necessary within the perspective of a plurilingual and intercultural education. The same descriptors are available online, in graphic form, where the user can see at what stage of the educational process the authors would recommend the development of each resource and its sub-categories; 
  • It provides teaching materials for putting the development of these resources into practice. The teacher can select an activity from a database according to the specific resources for knowledge, skills and attitudes which s/he has identified from the framework.

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