Brigitte Gerber



Surname: Gerber
First name: Brigitte
Address for correspondence: e-mail
Nationality: Swiss

Affiliation with educational networks/associations
EDiLic (Education et Diversité Linguistique et Culturelle)APLV (Association des professeurs de langues vivantes), GREX (Groupe de recherche en entretien d'explicitation), ASE (Antenne Suisse Explicitation)
Work information
Occupation or position currently held: Institut de formation des enseignants, Forensec: Formation des enseignants du secondaire) , University of Geneva
Main activities and responsabilities  
Name of employer: University of Geneva
Country of employment: Switzerland
Education and training

Master of Arts (University of Geneva), CAES in English (teaching qualification for secondary schools) en anglais,  RFP (qualification for teacher trainers), Complementary certificate in Education Science (University of Geneva)

Languages of communication
Mother tongue French
Other languages English, German, Italian, Russian
Expertise in the topic of the proposed project

Practice in the field:

Experience in teaching a language and in pre-service and in-service language teacher training, as well as in the training of teacher trainers.

Chargée de mission for languages in the department of public education (upper secondary schools).

Training of teachers in the use of the CEFR for the department of public education (lower and upper secondary schools.

Participation in the ECEP project at the ECML (2009-2011) and participation in a CARAP workshop in 2011 and CARAP and natioanal networks workshops in May-June 2012, and November 2012.

Other relevant experience:

Member of the editorial board of Babylonia



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