A framework of reference for pluralistic approaches

Involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education

The aim of the "parents" website is to disseminate knowledge on the benefits of involving parents in plurilingual and intercultural education. Working with parents as partners facilitates not only language acquisition, but also the development of positive attitudes towards otherness, attitudes which are necessary for the harmonious development of individuals and society. The dissemination of information and knowledge on such practices will contribute to overcoming fears about including parents in school activities. A number of activities are presented which will provide parents and teachers with tools that will help them to work together in plurilingual and intercultural education.
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Scientific research shows that:

it is easier for a child to become bi/plurilingual when all their languages are valued and when making connections between languages is encouraged;

it is important that parents keep using their family language(s) with their children and that teachers use family languages to help children establish connections between the language(s) of their environment;

it is easier for children to engage in the languages that are taught at school when their own languages are recognised, because these languages are practised in the family environment and by the children;

valuing children's different languages and cultural backgrounds boosts the self-confidence and self-esteem that are necessary for educational and professional success;

parents' participation in school activities establishes a relationship of mutual confidence between schools and families, and helps children to dedicate themselves to their schooling.

Parents, teachers and children share their knowledge of music and dances from around the world. This activity improves cooperation between schools and families (Escola Pia de Catalunya, Barcelona, Spain).

A grand mother discovers a Provencal song
(Kindergarten La Serinette, Toulon, France).