(Plurilingual and intercultural competences: descriptors and teaching materials (CARAP)) 

Project working languages: French, English, German

Project term: 2012-2013

What is it about?

In cooperation with the ECML’s National Contact Points the project aims to disseminate the tools developed within the CARAP / FREPA project (A Framework for Pluralistic Approaches to Languages and Cultures) to support the development of plurilingual and intercultural competence of learning at all levels: the reference document FREPA – Competences and Resources, a bank of online teaching materials and a training kit.

Target audience involved in project activities

  • ECML National Contact Points;
  • representatives of minority or majority populations, speaking a national and/or a regional /migrant language;
  • teachers or teacher educators.

What the project is intended to achieve

Expected outcomes and outputs
How useful the outcomes and outputs will be