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This database aims to facilitate teachers access to educational materials relevant to pluralistic approaches to languages and cultures. This way they will be able to help learners appropriate their knowledge, attitudes, and skills as described in the lists of descriptors. The materials, available to download, can be selected according to various criteria: objectives (as expressed by the FREPA descriptors), levels of training, thematic areas, the type of pluralistic approach, and the language of instruction.

Laboratorio di educazione alla salute: un’alimentazione corretta – Werkstatt. Gesund essen und trinken

Short description
Students are requested to carry out five tasks...

Level of instruction
Secondary 1

Target groups




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  CARAP Descriptors

A 1.1.2
A 2.2
A 7.5
A 17.2
K 7.2
S 3
S 5

Students are requested to carry out five tasks: 1. Food Pyramid: distinguishing and classifying food according to food groups; 2. LOGI (LOw Glicemic Index)-Pyramid; 3. How fit are you about food?; 4. Making a Vitamin Week Plan; 5. Reading a text about children interviewing an expert: role-play with the interview as a starting point. Pupils are asked to work in groups.

Approach: Integrated didactics

Type of material: Iconic documents

Anna Maria Curci, Gesund essen und trinken –Online- Ressourcen zum Lehrwerk A.M.Curci – S.B. Pieper, S.M. Roth, Die Clique, De Agostini scuola, Novara 2006.

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